The BlueNet Metadata Entry and Search Tool (MEST)

The BlueNet MEST provides a tool to search for metadata records describing marine data sets submitted for curation by the BlueNet project. The MEST allows users to search for data and assess its quality through a metadata description. Data available on request from government agencies is also discoverable using the MEST’s ‘Remote Search’ option.

Click here to access the MEST.

Please report any problem with the MEST to the AODN Helpdesk.

To obtain a report on the current status of the MEST click here


How to use the MEST

A detailed help manual can be found on our MEST Help Page


It is not necessary to apply for a username if you are only interested in searching for metadata records. However, you will need a username and password if you plan to download data or create your own metadata records.

To obtain a username and password, please email info@aodn.org.au.  If you have forgotten your username or password please send an email to info@aodn.org.au.





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